Thursday, September 18, 2008

Organic just tastes better? Or is it the garden sorrel?

Yesterday, I made the choice to buy most of my food organic. I may have to make some exceptions since organic food supply is not so easy to come by, but I'm not sure about that just yet.

In any case, yesterday, I bought a green that looked familiar, but it is most definitely new to my taste buds. I looked up the Hungarian translation to see what it is in English = garden sorrel?! Um, OK. I never heard of that. So I looked it up, and here is what I found: A Botanical Website

Some interesting info on that site about the plant itself and cultivation. Makes me really wish I had land and a garden!

Anyways, it's not just this sorrel that has me pumped. I also got some tomatoes yesterday that were the best I have ever had.

My food has not tasted as good recently, and I think this was what I needed. The good thing, is that I was satisfied after a small amount of food last night and so far today. Not super small, just less than usual when my body said "Whoa, there, I've had enough."

So, I listened. And... funny thing, my blender is broken, so I just had a green salad for breakfast instead of a green smoothie! LOL, what a funnily, perfectly what I wanted... breakfast.

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