Sunday, November 16, 2008

More actions, less planning (Say "no" to an action plan!?)

I guess it's just not normal to be so far away from a person's home country. I have some friends that are American here, but I really just feel so alone these days!

AND on top of it all, I'm not thrilled with my job at the moment. There's just too much to do and a lot of it's not fun. I really want to be following my passions, but it just takes so long to build clientele that on some days I feel like that's too overwhelming to accomplish the things I want.

I also have been eating high fat these days, don't know why. I'm pretty sure my body is asking for food but not THAT food.

Even being 100% raw, all these things are affecting my health. I'm getting a tiny bit of a belly. I feel like my body is protecting me. The funny/strange thing is that I've been going to Bikram yoga regularly, and using my body weight for strength and flexibility has been an amazing experience. My legs and arms and back are becoming more shapely. It's quite strange to be developing a bit of a belly at the same time!!!

I'm really brainstorming, trying to figure out an action plan. But maybe that's the problem. Maybe I need to do more actions and less planning. Hmmmm... there's a thought.

Aw well.

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