Friday, August 29, 2008

Nuts vs. Fruits

I was just thinking about this because of some things that came up here in Hungary.

In the US, I couldn't just go get almonds anywhere, it had to be special ordered and in bulk for it to be affordable and not pasteurized, all that jazz. Since I arrived in Hungary, I tried a few different packaged, unpasteurized almonds, and they did not taste fresh or good or SOMEthing.

I finally found some almonds that were still in the shell. These taste as fresh and wonderful as the ones I ordered from but this means I have to open the almonds' shells by hand every time I eat some.

Then it must be that -- nuts were NOT meant to be eaten in large quantities! If they were, it would not be so difficult to get them out of the shell. Apples and other fruits are so EASY to get to, just pull them off the tree and eat.

How many of you all are shelling your nuts? If you are finding that you have an addiction, my suggestion would be:
1/Buy nuts that you have to shell.
2/Conscious eating = ONLY eat when you can focus on only eating (i.e. not while in front of the computer or talking or walking or reading. JUST eating).

This will bring you closer to what nature intended, and you will be more likely to listen to what your body is telling you and to move beyond the emotions telling you to eat for any reason other than hunger.


Anonymous said...

You make a great point! If Gd wanted us to eat handful after handful of nuts he would have made it easy!
It is time to become less dependent on nuts and rely more on our easy sources of nutrition...the greens, the fruits,....

Bless you! Great observation!!


Éva's in Budapest! said...

Thanks for commenting! God was also on my mind when I was thinking of this. It's incomprehensible JUST how many things seem to be planned out for us! :)