Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Basic Green Smoothie

The Drink of Champions

In the raw food circles, green smoothies are pretty well known. For the rest of the world, green + smoothie = Whaaat?!

Anyways, Victoria Boutenko has a book called "Green for Life" that talks about nothing BUT green smoothies and their benefits: I'll do a quickie of summarizing the whole book. Green smoothies are GREAT to add into your diet. Tossing your greens into a blender does all the chewing we do not have time to do (and more) so that the body is ready to use it. And mixing it with fruit tricks our taste buds into not minding all the greens.

This isn't just about getting big muscles like Popeye, either. The minerals in green smoothies can help rebuild our whole bodies so that we are strong from the inside out. And also --- well --- erm -- our bowels become much healthier to boot (it's like a healthy Drain-o for the body).

So here is the basic recipe:
--1-3 frozen bananas
--Some greens
--Maybe some water
--Maybe some ice

Other options:

For a fresh taste: basil, mint, parsley
The greens: spinach, kale, ANY green leaf... Use less in the beginning, more as you get used to it. Heck, you can even start with ONE LEAF if you hate greens and want to get into it slooooowwwwwwly.
Other great fruits to add: All of 'em
To make it like a mylkshake: Use almond (or another nut/seed) mylk, some soaked dates
To make it "savory": Instead of sweet fruit, use tomatoes, a couple soaked dates and some herbs.

Recipe for the smoothie in my picture:
-1.5 frozen bananas
-5-6 strawberries
-a few sprigs of mint
-6 oz. (about 2-3 c) spinach
-.5 c water

Happy Blending!

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Olivia said...

I just found your blog and read about oil pulling an grn smoothies, 2 things i want to start. I like your attitude as other people on the internet have such an exclusive/authoritarian tone and you are much more informative and inclusive! look forward to reading more...keep posting!!!!